The Difference Between Angels and Spirit Guides

Understanding the Difference Between Angels and Spirit Guides

“While both angels and spirit guides are believed to be benevolent beings that can help and guide humans, they differ in their origins, purposes, communication methods, and perceived relationships to humans. Angels are seen as creations of God and primarily serve as protectors and messengers, while spirit guides, often deceased humans or ascended masters, focus on personal guidance and spiritual growth.”

In a recent appearance on the Jenny McCarthy Radio show, I had the pleasure of discussing a question that often arises in the realm of spiritual exploration: What is the difference between an Angel and a Spirit Guide? This question has intrigued many, and I thought it would be valuable to delve into it in detail. So, let’s explore the fascinating world of vibrations and how they play a crucial role in connecting with these higher spiritual beings.

The Essence of Vibration

At the core of understanding the distinction between Angels and Spirit Guides lies the concept of vibration. Everything in the universe is energy, and energy vibrates at different frequencies. Just as a singer has a vocal range of notes they can sing, human beings have a vibrational range. This range determines our ability to connect with higher vibrational beings, which encompass a variety of spiritual helpers, including deceased loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and archangels. To establish this connection, one must raise their personal vibration.

The Role of Vibrations

Vibrations are not merely abstract energy; they are fundamental to our existence and understanding of the spiritual realm. To delve deeper into the concept of vibrations, it’s essential to explore their significance and how they influence our connection with spiritual beings.

The Significance of Vibrations

Vibrations are the building blocks of existence. They underlie everything in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the grandest galaxies. Understanding vibrations is key to comprehending the subtle energies that connect us with the spiritual realm.

The Vibrational Scale

To gain a deeper understanding of vibrations, we can envision a vibrational scale. At the lowest end of this scale, we find physical beings, while at the highest end, we encounter the Divine. In between, there are deceased loved ones, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, and archangels. This scale serves as a guide to understanding the hierarchy of spiritual beings.

The Power of Self-Love

The key to elevating your vibration is rooted in self-love and personal growth. The more you work on loving yourself, the higher your vibration rises. Connecting with higher vibrational beings becomes easier as you ascend the vibrational scale. This ascent is attainable through appreciation, forgiveness, joy, meditation, and love.

Self-Love and Vibration

Self-love is not merely a concept; it’s a practical tool for raising your vibration. When you love and accept yourself, you release lower vibrational energies associated with self-doubt and self-criticism. This release paves the way for connecting with higher spiritual beings.

The Role of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful force that can transform your vibration. By letting go of grudges and resentment, you release negative energies that weigh you down. This liberation enables you to ascend the vibrational scale and establish a connection with spirit guides and angels.

The Joy of Elevation

Embracing joy in your life contributes to your vibrational ascent. Joy is a high-vibrational emotion that attracts similarly high-vibrational beings. By seeking and nurturing joy, you create a harmonious environment for connecting with spiritual helpers.

The Meditative Path

Meditation is a fundamental practice for raising your vibration. Through meditation, you can quiet the mind, release lower frequencies, and open yourself to higher realms of consciousness. This altered state of awareness is conducive to spiritual connection.

The Power of Love

Love is the ultimate force for elevating your vibration. Unconditional love for yourself and others is a magnet for attracting higher vibrational beings. Love is the bridge that unites us with spirit guides, angels, and the Divine.

The Universal Law of Attraction

The universal Law of Attraction plays a pivotal role in this process. This law states that like energy attracts like energy. Since beings in the spiritual realm will not lower their vibration, it’s incumbent upon us to raise ours if we wish to connect with them. By maintaining a higher, lighter, and clearer vibration, we open the gateway to the spiritual realm.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that governs the interaction of energies. It operates on the premise that energies of a similar frequency are drawn together. To align with the spiritual realm, you must match your vibration to that of the beings you seek to connect with.

How Like Attracts Like

When you align your vibration with higher spiritual beings, you become a vibrational match to them. This resonance enables you to attract their presence, guidance, and wisdom. Understanding this principle is essential for those who seek to connect with Angels and Spirit Guides.

Elevating Your Vibration

Elevating your vibration is a deliberate process. It involves shedding lower energies, such as fear, anger, and negativity, and replacing them with higher frequencies like love, joy, and gratitude. This transformation is the key to manifesting connections with spiritual beings.

Exploring the Vibrational Scale

Let’s take a closer look at the vibrational scale, which provides insight into the ranges of spiritual helpers:

1. Physical Beings

  • Physical beings encompass all individuals with a body and heartbeat.
  • Temporary elevation of vibration is possible, but it can’t be sustained permanently.
  • Permanent ascension to higher vibration occurs only through death.

2. Deceased Loved Ones

  • These are family, friends, coworkers, and loved ones who have passed away.
  • They automatically move up the vibrational scale upon releasing their physical bodies.
  • There’s often a period of divine time, not measured time, for them to prepare to become spirit guides.
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3. Spirit Guides

  • Spirit guides were once physical beings, sharing our journey and purpose.
  • After leaving their physical bodies, they choose to become guides for those still in the physical realm.
  • They offer guidance, comfort, and protection.
  • Spirit guides are often the spiritual essence of deceased loved ones, but they do not become angels.

4. Angels

  • Angels are high vibrational beings that do not incarnate into physical bodies.
  • Each human already has a guardian angel who guides and supports them throughout life.
  • Archangels are the powerful overseers of the angelic realm.

5. Ascended Masters

  • Ascended masters are divine beings who lived earthly lives as great teachers and healers.
  • They released all fears and raised their vibrations to ascend.
  • They bring light and love to everyone, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

The Multifaceted Nature of Angels

Angelic beings come in various forms and shapes, often adapting to what individuals are feeling, seeing, or knowing in a given moment. The way angels present themselves can change and evolve as we grow spiritually. Therefore, the definition or visual representation of angels can be as diverse as seashells on a beach. Each person’s experience of angels is unique, and all impressions of the angelic realm are valid.

The Versatility of Angels

Angels are incredibly versatile beings in their interaction with humans. Their adaptability allows them to connect with individuals in ways that are most meaningful and comforting to them. This adaptability extends to their forms and appearances, which can vary based on the perceiver’s spiritual journey and understanding.

Shapes and Forms of Angels

The forms and shapes that angels take are as diverse as human experiences. They can manifest as ethereal light,

human-like figures, or even as abstract symbols of peace and guidance. These various appearances are meant to facilitate a strong and genuine connection between angels and those they assist.

The Evolution of Angelic Appearances

As individuals evolve spiritually, their perception of angelic beings may change and grow. This evolution mirrors their own spiritual journey, reflecting their deeper understanding and connection with higher vibrational beings. The adaptability of angels ensures that they can be both gentle and comforting in their approach, regardless of an individual’s unique perception.

The Divine Essence

Lastly, the concept of the Divine is a deeply personal one. It transcends religious beliefs or scripture and emerges from our own inner journey. The Divine, as we understand it, is an omnipresent force of love. It exists in everyone and everything, encompassing all aspects of our world, from nature to humanity.

The Personal Understanding of the Divine

The journey to understand the Divine is a deeply personal one. It often involves introspection, self-awareness, and a realization that the Divine is an intrinsic part of us all. The understanding of the Divine transcends religious dogma, allowing for a more expansive and inclusive view of spirituality.

The God of Love

In this personal exploration, many individuals come to understand the Divine as an embodiment of love. Love becomes the defining essence of the Divine, permeating all aspects of existence. It’s a recognition that love is the driving force behind our connection to the spiritual realm and our fellow beings.

The Unity of the Divine

As you delve deeper into the understanding of the Divine, you come to realize that it is a unifying force. It unites all living beings and the entire universe in a harmonious whole. The Divine is not a distant deity; it is present in every aspect of existence, from the elements of nature to the depths of human consciousness.

In Conclusion

Understanding the difference between Angels and Spirit Guides is not only about their vibrational level but also about their roles and origins. Whether you seek guidance from spirit guides or the support of angels, the path to spiritual connection begins with raising your own vibration through love, acceptance, and self-awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have multiple spirit guides?

  • Yes, it’s possible to have multiple spirit guides, each offering unique guidance and support.

2. How can I raise my personal vibration?

  • To raise your vibration, focus on self-love, forgiveness, joy, meditation, and appreciation.

3. Do deceased loved ones instantly become spirit guides?

  • No, there is often a period of divine time where deceased loved ones prepare to become spirit guides.

4. Can spirit guides visit multiple people simultaneously?

  • Yes, since they no longer have physical bodies, spirit guides can be in multiple places at once.

5. What is the role of archangels?

  • Archangels are powerful overseers of the angelic realm and can be called upon for assistance in various situations.

6. How do I connect with angels or spirit guides?

  • You can connect with them by raising your vibration and being open to their guidance through meditation and intention.

7. Is my perception of angels valid?

  • Yes, your perception of angels is valid. They adapt to your understanding and are often gentle and comforting in their approach.

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