Dhyana Yoga: Illuminating the Soul through Meditation

Image depicting a person in a serene meditation pose, symbolizing the soul-enlightening essence of Dhyana Yoga meditation.

A person’s life is an incalculably valuable gift from God. There is no more wonderful present than this one that the Lord can bestow upon his most treasured creations.

Because of the exceptional nature of its capabilities and potential, the outcomes can do nothing but astound us. This blessing has been bestowed on us so that we may accomplish the will of God.

However, it is our misfortune that we have forgotten our divine nature, the gift that God has given us, as well as the purpose and significance of a human life.

We are not aware of our own divine potential, nor are we aware of the objective knowledge or meditation of the Lord. In this dim and dreary environment, we are getting farther and farther away from our destination. It’s odd that you keep forgetting things.

In general, people forget things, even what they have read, heard, or experienced in other ways. Because of our short-term memory loss, a person who was formerly familiar to us is now considered an unknown to us.

However, it is extremely unusual to come across a person who has forgotten who they are. We mistakenly believe that we are a physical entity with a name and a shape.

We want what our minds want, and we tend to consider the wants of our bodies to be our own requirements. The two wheels that make up the chariot that is our life are the body and the mind.

But we have completely lost track of the fact that our true nature is that of the soul and not the body. There’s no question that we’ve heard many times that the body and the soul are two separate entities.

However, it is extremely unusual for someone to actually go through this experience. And even if we do feel it, it is in a very fuzzy way.

When we have a better understanding of the true nature of reality and the distinction between the life force and the peripherals that manifest in our consciousness, we will place a higher priority on the health of our souls.

We would only accord the amount of emphasis to material things that is absolutely necessary. Today, we walk around barefoot and adorn our vehicles with golden ruffles and embellishments.

We are starving to death, yet we feed our automobiles butter that has been clarified. When I say “we,” I mean the soul, and when I say “vehicle,” I mean the body or the mind.

The Lord is caring for those who serve him. It is indeed very strange that he has neglected to remember his responsibility.

Reaching the Soul’s Objective

Realizing one’s potential and satisfying oneself is the purpose of one’s existence. Only at the level of divinity is it possible to reach this degree of self-actualization.

It is necessary for the mind to get focused on God in order to achieve salvation. It is standard practice to draw out detailed maps, blueprints, and models of significant structures before beginning construction.

These models will be used in the construction of buildings by engineers, architects, and other professionals. For the purpose of meditation, a representation of God that includes his attributes, actions, and characteristics is constructed.

As a consequence, one has the sensation of being close to God, of being one with God, and of merging with God. This is the essence of what it means to meditate.

The purpose of authentic meditation is to help us recover memories that we have forgotten pertaining to our actual nature.

If someone does manage to get it back, it is undeniably comparable to a guy waking up from a particularly terrifying dream.

It is not until this point that one feels a situation that is comparable to that of a youngster who has been disoriented amid a large gathering of people or to that of an adult who has forgotten who he is.

Those who go through such agony suffer a significant loss, and they inflict that pain on those who are closest to them.

We are in a situation that is just as humiliating as if a family of goats were to raise a newborn lion cub because we have forgotten who we are—that we are the great spirit, not the body.

As a consequence of this, we are causing suffering for our divine essence, which is our genuine nature.

The purpose of practicing yoga and meditation is to restore lost memories, or more precisely, to become aware that we are not our bodies but rather our souls.

Through that, one is able to recall God and experience the essence of their own soul.

One experiences a reawakening of the memory of the union of a living being (Jiva) and God (Brahman), and they believe that this particular Divine Power touch, which we severed, is actually our Divine Mother and Benefactor.

Not only this, but it is so strong that by drinking its nectarine milk, we are able to achieve divinity, much like the mythical cow known as Kamadhenu, which is said to grant wishes.

One may do everything they set their mind to if they wait long enough beneath the shadow of a wish-fulfilling tree, also known as a Kalpavriksha.

After making contact with or getting closer to that Divine Center, one does not lack anything, and as a result, we are able to conquer all forms of material deprivation.

Therefore, the practice of yoga and meditation assists us in reaching our objective.


Obtaining divine powers is not a very noteworthy accomplishment. It ought to be safeguarded against the possibility of any kind of waste, and it must under no circumstances be abused.

The gathering of divine powers in a secure location and limiting their use to ecclesiastical endeavors are required in order to reap the rewards that come with achieving divine powers.

Because of the heat, a significant amount of the water found in the sea is turned into steam. Because of cooking gas, fire, and other sources, a significant amount of steam is released into the environment.

This entire thing is for naught. On the other hand, an engine will turn some of the water that it takes in into steam. This steam is contained in a tank rather than being allowed to escape into the environment since it is strictly prohibited.

After some time, the flow of energy emerges through a tiny hole and eventually reaches the piston. The engine of a train begins to work properly as a direct consequence of this rather simple operation.

In addition to being able to move, it can also move quite quickly. Its motion is so forceful that it drags along with it a great number of other compartments while moving at a rapid pace.

If large quantities of gun powder are spread out on the ground and then burned with a matchstick, the powder will produce a brief burst of light before igniting completely and turning into ash.

This is a complete waste of time, and we have no need for it.

But if it is contained in a limited space within a gun and, by slightly depressing the trigger, sparks of fire come into contact with the gunpowder, then this minuscule quantity of gunpowder can produce extraordinary effects.

The speed at which the bullet travels to its destination is just incredible. This causes the thing to fall over wherever it falls.

When compared, lighting up tons of gunpowder with a matchstick is highly distinguishable from lighting up a minute quantity of gun powder in a gun, as shown by the fact that this distinction is readily apparent.

The light from the sun is dispersed throughout the entire surface of the world. The sun begins each day by rising, and it ends each day by sinking beyond the horizon.

This sunlight can only provide us with a limited amount of heat and light. However, if a special lens is used to focus a small amount of sunlight onto a piece of paper, the paper will start to catch fire.

If it is thrown into a large jungle, a forest fire will start, and the whole region will be reduced to ashes.

In the ceremony known as Draupadi’s Swayamvar (which translates to “choosing your own groom”), one of the requirements for a potential spouse to win Draupadi’s hand in marriage was to use an arrow to successfully pierce the eye of a bird that was kept at a distance.

During this time, Dronacharya was assisting his students in becoming masters of this art. Before instructing his pupils to shoot an arrow, Dronacharya would inquire as to what they saw in the world around them.

The majority of the kids would agree that they could make out a bird perched on the tree. As a direct consequence of this, Dronacharya would predict that such pupils would never achieve their goals.

When it was Arjun’s turn to speak, he responded by saying, “I can see nothing but the view from the bird’s eye.” As a result, Dronacharya predicted that Arjun would undoubtedly be successful.

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In fact, at the Swayamvara ceremony of Draupadi, Arjun used a single arrow to pierce the eye of the bird, and as a result, he was able to marry Draupadi.

It is stated that a flying insect known as a buzzing bee would grab hold of a caterpillar and continue to buzz in front of it once it had done so.

The mental state of the caterpillar changes into that of a bee as a direct consequence of its prolonged exposure to the buzzing sound of the bee and the sight of the bee’s shape.

The buzzing bee caterpillar begins to fool itself into believing it is a bee. As a consequence of this, the body of the caterpillar transforms into the form of a busy bee rather than a butterfly when it is fully developed.

Although zoologists may have their doubts about this, it is an undeniable fact that whenever a man concentrates or focuses his mind on a specific name and form, his mind also takes up the name, form, and characteristics of the object that he is thinking about.

A prostitute may recover a significant amount of her attractiveness even when she is older if she keeps her mind on how beautiful she is and how young she wants to seem.

On the other side, there are a lot of young men and women who give off an old-fashioned appearance because their brains are always dwelling on the difficulties and hopelessness of their situations.

All of this is the outcome of concentrating one’s attention on a certain positive or negative idea. This may have been done on purpose, or it could have been done accidentally.

To concentrate spiritually is to prevent one’s mind from wandering away from its core, and when one has concentrated their divine powers on a single focal point in the center of their being, they should only use those powers for holy purposes.

In spiritual books, this concept is referred to as “control of the mind” or “focusing of the psyche.” The practices of yoga and meditation are the subject of a significant amount of conversation.

It is reasonable to assume that it is a skill that involves focusing one’s thoughts. When we read about it, its success looks to be on par with other similar endeavors, but in truth, it is a really impressive accomplishment.

When this skill is mastered, a person is able to concentrate all of his dispersed conscious energy in one location, use that energy for a holy purpose, and as a result, achieve phenomenal levels of success.

Dams allow for the collection of water. The water pressure that is created by the dam causes a stream of it to travel at breakneck speed when it is discharged through a tiny aperture.

This flow has an incredible amount of energy. Because of its effect, the wheels of many different machines are able to move more easily, which ultimately leads to the machines moving.

Huge power plants for generating electricity are now being built in close proximity to enormous dams.

The production of energy via the use of motors and other machinery comes at a high cost, but the operation of hydroelectric dams is quite inexpensive.

Water mills may be seen in the vicinity of minor waterfalls. It is not the flow of water itself that produces the energy; rather, it is the amount of water that is concentrated. It is possible to create electricity by concentrating a large area into a smaller, more contained space.

The practice of yoga and meditation has as its primary purpose the consolidation of dispersed mental processes into a more manageable whole.

When a person is able to concentrate their thoughts to a greater extent, their psyche will exude an increased amount of strength.

His path to success is clear and unobstructed, just like an arrow in the sky. If spirituality is his goal, he will make spiritual progress, and the Ridhi-Sidhi, also known as divine powers, that permeate his brain will allow him to radiate them.

If the objective is to make advancements in material terms, then we shall also do so. It doesn’t matter how this energy is put to use; the results will be fruitful regardless of the path chosen.

The mental activity of overcoming the inefficient dispersion of one’s thought waves is the essence of concentration and focus.

A dam is built by impeding the flow of water in a small stream, which results in the formation of a pond or lake of varying sizes.

After that, man-made rivers are diverted from this lake to provide dry areas that are located a great distance away with water.

If this stream hadn’t been channeled into a dam, it would have smashed against the coastline and caused devastating floods in the areas around it.

This would result in the destruction of material property in that area. When compared to a hydroelectric generator, the flow of thoughts that occur within our heads ought not to be regarded as being of less significance.

A power plant has a finite amount of energy and can only provide electricity to a small portion of the area immediately around it.

But one cannot make such a statement about the mind. The potential that it has right now has the potential to be increased an unlimited number of times in the future.

In the present day, its sphere of influence is restricted to family and close friends, but in the future, it will extend to include the entire world.

In most cases, people in positions of high authority, such as scientists, philosophers, artists, researchers, sculptors, writers, managers, and leaders, are not much different from laymen.

Their bodies are completely average, and their brains are devoid of any kind of mystical power.

Whatever it is that sets them apart from others, combined with the miraculous nature of their greatness, is the product of the unique inner traits that they possess.

These qualities, in turn, are connected to the mindset that allows them to concentrate on one thing at a time and remain unwavering in their pursuit of a goal.

Every single person holds an unfathomable quantity of intellectual power. so much so that even those with less developed brains may exude a great deal of brilliance.

The only difference is that some people have turned on this brilliance while others have not yet. Even a highly intelligent person is like a lifeless body when he is in deep slumber.

But as soon as he opens his eyes, his intellectual prowess is immediately apparent. This is also the case with regard to the brain.

Some people’s intellectual capabilities are dormant as a result of the circumstances they find themselves in, giving them the appearance of intellectual deficiency.

However, if they put in the necessary effort to activate their intellect, they will occasionally catch up to other wise people in intelligence as well as being just as brilliant.

It is common knowledge that a powerful rope is comprised of many strands joined together, just as a broom is comprised of many broomsticks joined together.

A jugful of water is equal to a great number of droplets of water.

The purpose of this illustration is to convince you that it is possible to concentrate one’s thought waves on a central point by inhibiting the intellect’s natural tendency to wander aimlessly in all directions.

It is simple to see that if we let our mind wander aimlessly in all different ways, our mental capacity will suffer; however, if we force ourselves to focus all of our attention on a single topic, we will experience a spectacular increase in our mental capacity.

Great scientists, yogis, philosophers, and other intellectuals may penetrate the vast ocean of the mind and retrieve rare treasures by developing their capacity for mental focus.

Those who remain on the water’s surface without venturing further into it are doomed to have little success, whereas those who go below the surface may find valuable resources.

A superficial method of thinking is like a blade of grass that wanders aimlessly from place to place.

On the other hand, one may achieve amazing outcomes via meditation by concentrating their thought waves on a single location inside their consciousness.

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